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Known for its iridescence and unique fire, opal is adored by jewelry lovers. If you are starting opal jewelry business and looking for a high-quality wholesale opal jewelry supplier, then we might be the right choice to you. At Wholesale Jewelry USA, we provide below opal jewelry at good wholesale price.

Opal Ring:

Opal rings are often a popular choice for engagement rings as they symbolize love, devotion and fidelity. In addition to being used as an engagement ring, our delicate opal rings are perfect for any occasion. You may choose to purchase our opal rings in small quantities for resale. When selling these opal rings, highlight the gemstone's unique color and pattern and emphasize its durability. You can also display different gemstone ring styles and combine them for an even more striking effect.

Opal Necklace:

Our wholesale opal necklaces are made of S925 silver inlaid with artificial or natural opals, and some are plated with 3mm 9K, 10K gold according to customer's preference. We have a wide selection of opal necklaces in different styles such as choker necklaces, lariat necklaces and long necklaces. You can mix and buy some opal jewelry in bulk so that you can freely display different styles of opal necklaces when you sell them, or combine them with other necklaces for a more unique look.

Opal Earrings:

Our wholesale opal earrings range from delicate studs,hoop earrings to statement earrings with long tassels for any occasion. You can find many popular elements, such as zircons, flowers, four-leaf clover, pearls and so on. Since our wholesale opal earrings come in many styles, each with a different look and meaning, you can refer to the following selections when you are shopping.

Our simple yet classic opal stud earrings complement casual and formal attire, opal drop earrings come in a variety of lengths from short and subtle to long and dramatic and are perfect for special occasions, and chandelier opal earrings come in layers Or cascading arrangements can often be eye-catching and are perfect for special occasions or formal events.

Opal Bracelet:

Our wholesale opal bracelets, delicate and elegant, are one of the great options for those who want to add beauty to their hand decorations. From dainty to bold bangles, you can also layer them with other bracelets for an even more unique look. Here are some of our popular opal bracelet styles:

Our tennis bracelet features a single row of opal or other gemstones arranged in a straight line for a classic and timeless style that is perfect for formal occasions or everyday wear. Our Charm Bracelets are a fun and playful style design that features a variety of charms on a chain bracelet, perfect for anyone who expresses their personality and style. Our cuff opal bracelet is a versatile style with an adjustable extender that fits all sizes of hands.

No matter which style you choose, our versatile opal bracelets are sure to add a unique and stunning sense to your look, featuring a range of on-trend designs, making them a great investment for fashion lovers.

Opal Set:

Our opal jewelry set is a great option for those who want the complete opal jewelry look. From matching necklace and earring sets to bracelet and ring sets, only one of our opal sets, such as vintage, modern and bohemian, always one will suit your needs, but when choosing our opal jewelry sets, it is best to consider which occasions are used, such as weddings, proms and other special events, to accentuate the charm of opal jewelry.

We believe our wholesale opal jewelry is a unique and beautiful product that has great appeal in the jewelry market. When you buy them in bulk, don't worry about not selling, because our opal jewelry is very popular with both men and women.However, it is best to carefully select some styles according to your customer group, for example, men may prefer simple designs such as opal bracelets, while women may prefer more delicate designs such as opal necklaces.