Bulk Moissanite Jewelry

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Online Moissanite Jewelry Wholesale

Although moissanite stone have been popular in Europe and America for many years, they are no longer a high-priced product monopolized by the United States. Chinese jewelry manufacturers are now able to produce and wholesale high-quality moissanite jewelry, with some moissanite suppliers even surpassing American quality standards. This has broken the previous monopoly and is expanding the growth potential of the moissanite jewelry market in the future jewelry industry.

In recent years, moissanite jewelry has shown a remarkable increase in market share in the jewelry sales sector. According to forecasts by a reputable market research agency, the global moissanite jewelry market is expected to reach $48.8 million by 2025.

Are you looking to stock your store with the latest wholesale moissanite jewelry? Wholesale moissanite jewelry is the perfect way to add sparkle and style to your inventory. Not only does it offer the same look and feel as traditional diamonds, but it’s also much more affordable. You can get your hands on lab-grown diamonds for even more significant savings. With so many options available in Wholesale Jewelry USA, you’ll have no trouble finding something special for your customers.

Wholesale Moissanite Rings

Moissanite possesses excellent gemstone characteristics in terms of hardness, fire, luster, and durability, all while being priced at a mere fraction of natural diamonds. Moissanite has a unique birefringence property, a brilliance 2.5 times higher than diamonds, making them even more dazzling and eye-catching than other jewelry.

For modern women who seek personalized and fashionable designs, moissanite ring styles are both trendy and diverse. With the manufacturing of colored moissanite stone, the vibrant colors perfectly fit the purchasing requirement for fashion-forward women. These gemstones in various color enhance the overall style quotient of their attire, making them more tend to choose moissanite jewelry as a daily fashion accessory. Moissanite rings are undoubtedly the preferred choice for women and consumers. Therefore, Retail and wholesale moissanite rings have very excellent growth prospects. You can select your preferred style from our wholesale moissanite ring collections.

Wholesale Moissanite Earrings

How to Choose Wholesale Moissanite Earrings?

Moissanite Earring Selection Based on Face Shape

Round Face: Choose linear, teardrop-shaped, or long Moissanite earrings that extend near your shoulders to create the illusion of a smaller face. Alternatively, opt for slender, tassel-style Moissanite earrings or earrings that combine linear and circular elements. Avoid oversized or exaggerated Moissanite earrings, as they can make your face appear even rounder.


Diamond Face: Diamond-shaped faces often express a strong and masculine vibe. To balance this, select wholesale Moissanite earrings with a softer and more prominent design. Consider Moissanite earrings with a strong presence or large ones with exaggerated shapes. These can help soften the angular features and add a touch of femininity.


Square Face: wholesale Moissanite Earrings with round or oval curves are suitable for square faces. The rounded curves of earrings can help soften the sharp angles of a square face.


Long Face: Opt for spherical or circular earrings, or choose statement wholesale Moissanite earrings. These will widen the horizontal line of your face, making it appear more rounded without elongating it further. This also adds a touch of fashion-forward style to your look.


Oval Face: Lucky you! Oval faces can pull off any type of Moissanite earring effortlessly. You have the freedom to choose and experiment with various styles and designs.


Earring Material Selection


Metal: Metal earrings are versatile and suitable for all seasons, skin tones, and fashion styles. Gold-colored wholesale Moissanite earrings are particularly versatile and can complement a wide range of outfits.


Pearl: Pearl Moissanite earrings exude femininity and sensuality. Irregular Baroque pearl earrings add a unique and vintage touch to your look, making them a versatile choice.


Diamond: Sparkling Moissanite diamond earrings can elevate your appearance from simple to elegant.


Fur/Pom-Pom: Furry Moissanite earrings are perfect for the fall and winter seasons, adding warmth and coziness to your style.


Gemstone: Whether it’s emerald, ruby, sapphire, or yellow jade, gemstone and Moissanite earrings will make you stand out and shine brightly in any crowd.


Earring Selection Based on Skin Tone


Fair Skin: With fair skin, you have the freedom to choose Moissanite earrings of any color or material. They will all complement your complexion beautifully.


Medium-Toned Skin: If you have a healthy wheat complexion, be cautious with gold or golden-hued wholesale Moissanite earrings. Wholesale Silver Moissanite earrings can add a dazzling effect and make you shine.


Dark Skin: Consider silver or softer gold Moissanite earrings for darker skin tones. Bright pearls can also provide a delightful contrast and add a touch of brightness to your overall look.


Earring Selection Based on Outfit


Professional Attire: If you often wear elegant dresses or professional attire, opt for pearl Moissanite earrings to convey sophistication without being too flashy.


Casual Wear: For everyday comfort, choose simple and understated Moissanite earrings or studs that complement your casual outfits.


Darker-Colored Outfits: When wearing darker-colored clothing, consider selecting wholesale Moissanite earrings or other eye-catching elements to add a pop of brilliance and draw attention.

Wholesale Moissanite Necklaces

Wholesale Moissanite Jewelry FAQs:

What Is Moissanite ?

“Mossanite, also known as ‘Mossan Diamond,’ is a gemstone that can be traced back to the late 19th century. The term ‘Mossanite’ originates from Dr. Henri Moissan, who discovered this mineral in 1904 within an Arizona meteorite crater. In the market, most Mossanite stone are synthetically produced, and natural Mossanite is exceptionally rare, only found within meteorite craters. Its color often ranges from dark green to black. Mossanite’s appearance closely resembles natural diamonds, making it difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. It is also a gemstone with physical properties that are the closest to natural diamonds.”

What is The difference between Moissanite from Diamond?
Specific Gravity: Diamond has a specific gravity of 3.52, while Moissanite’s specific gravity is only 3.22,Moissanite is less dense than diamond. For unmounted materials, it is easy to differentiate between the two using a methyl iodide specific gravity liquid with a specific gravity of 3.32.

Hardness: Moissanite is less hard than diamond, so scratching tests with a diamond hardness tester will leave marks on the surface of Moissanite but not on diamond.

Conductivity: According to GIA reports, 80% of Moissanite gems are conductive (natural diamonds are conductive only in the case of blue or blue-gray type IIb diamonds). Common white or light yellow diamonds are non-conductive, so conductivity testers or Moissanite testers can be used to distinguish between diamonds and Moissanite.

Refractive Index: Moissanite’s refractive index and its reflective characteristics differ from those of diamonds. Experienced diamond expert can tell the difference. Additionally, Moissanite exhibits double refraction, so careful observation can reveal double lines and shadowing along the edges and tip of Moissanite. This effect remains even when the observation angle is changed.

Birefringence: Due to Moissanite’s birefringence, the observation of shadowing characteristics depends on the viewing angle. Shadows are more pronounced when observing from the table’s main facet, though they diminish when Moissanite’s c-axis is perpendicular to the table. When focusing on the tip, reflections and shadows can still be seen on the table and crown facets, a characteristic entirely different from the single refraction of diamonds.

Polishing Lines: Moissanite’s polishing lines on the girdle run parallel to each other, which is completely different from diamonds. Moreover, due to directional differences, diamond polishing requires constant adjustment, while Moissanite can be polished in the same direction, especially noticeable between adjacent facets.

Cutting: Most cut Moissanite gems have relatively rounded edges, which are completely different from the sharp edges of diamonds.

Inclusions: Diamond inclusions differ from those in Moissanite. All identified Moissanite specimens contain some inclusions, which appear as parallel needle-like arrangements. Some Moissanite may display fine parallel rows of reflective lines.

Color: In 2015, Moissanite with D-F color grades, equivalent to diamond color grades, was introduced, making it difficult to differentiate the two based on color.”

What Is Wholesale Moissanite Jewelry?

When you buy wholesale moissanite jewelry, you get the same quality and shine as diamonds but at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but you can often buy wholesale moissanite jewelry in larger quantities and save even more money. With wholesale moissanite jewelry, you can get creative with your designs and create unique pieces that will stand out.

Whether you are looking for an affordable gift or want to add some sparkle to your store, buying wholesale moissanite jewelry is a great option. With so many different cuts, sizes, and shapes, you will indeed find the perfect piece for your customers..

What Are The Benefits Of Wholesale Moissanite Rings

When you buy wholesale moissanite jewelry, you get the same quality and shine as diamonds but at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but you can often buy wholesale moissanite jewelry in larger quantities and save even more money. With wholesale moissanite jewelry, you can get creative with your designs and create unique pieces that will stand out.

Whether you are looking for an affordable gift or want to add some sparkle to your store, buying wholesale moissanite jewelry is a great option. With so many different cuts, sizes, and shapes, you will indeed find the perfect piece for your customers.

The Benefits Of Wholesale Moissanite Rings

Moissanite is a diamond-like material that is much less expensive than natural diamonds yet has the same sparkle and brilliance. A wide range of stunning moissanite rings is available at wholesale prices, allowing you to provide customers with high-quality, stylish jewelry without breaking the bank.

Moissanite is a lab-created material made from silicon carbide and looks like a diamond. It is incredibly durable and resists scratching, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. Its fire and brilliance are on par with natural diamonds but at a fraction of the cost. It is also an eco-friendly choice, as no mining is necessary to create it.

Wholesale moissanite rings offer many benefits over traditional diamonds. They are much more affordable, allowing your customers to get more bang for their buck. With moissanite, customers can afford a bigger, more luxurious-looking stone than a natural diamond. Furthermore, because moissanite is a lab-created material, it does not have the ethical issues associated with natural diamonds.

When buying wholesale moissanite rings, ensure you get the highest quality possible. Many companies offer warranties and certificates of authenticity, so read these carefully. You will want to provide your customers with pieces certified as conflict-free, so they can rest assured that their purchase was made ethically.

Stocking wholesale moissanite rings is an excellent way to give your store the look of luxury without sacrificing affordability. Not only are moissanite rings stunning and elegant, but they are also durable and conflict-free. With wholesale prices and high-quality pieces, you can provide your customers with beautiful jewelry that won’t break the bank.

Wholesale Moissanite Rings are a great way to add sparkle to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. They offer quality, beauty, and affordability that other jewelry choices can’t match. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, a special gift, or something unique for yourself, Moissanite Rings have something to offer everyone.

Is wholesale and retail of Mosonite jewelry a good idea?
Wholesale and retail moissanite jewelry can be a good idea. In 2019, the global market size for moissanite jewelry reached $1 billion. According to a report by the market research firm Technavio, it is projected that the global moissanite market will experience a compound annual growth rate of approximately 6% from 2020 to 2023, with online sales playing a significant role. moissanite jewelry sales online have been growing rapidly in recent years, with platforms like Amazon and eBay being major contributors. Moreover, the sales of moissanite jewelry on e-commerce platforms continue to expand, indicating a vast market potential.

The success of moissanite jewelry on e-commerce platforms can be attributed to several advantages, including quality, price, and design. moissanite jewelry has exceptional hardness and wear resistance, making it less susceptible to damage compared to many other gemstones, which is highly appealing to consumers. Additionally, moissanite jewelry is relatively more affordable, providing consumers with a wider range of choices. These advantages are key reasons why moissanite jewelry supplier has achieved success on e-commerce platforms. Therefore, retail and wholesale of Mosonite jewelry is a good idea.